Alexander Mills Iced Aeropress recipe

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A recipe by Alexander Mills, a consultant in the coffee industry from Canada. Note that this is an inverted method. Here's the tutorial.

Coffee amount (g): 20.0
Water amount (ml): 150.0
Water Temperature: 99.0°C / 210.2°F
Grind size: Medium/Fine
Brew Time: 00:03:20

0:00 With the Aeropress inverted, pour 45.0g of boiled water.
0:05 Stir thoroughly.
0:10 Let the coffee bloom.
0:30 Pour the remaining 105.0g. of water rather quickly in concentric circles.
0:40 Give the slurry one deep stir and then cap your AeroPress.
2:20 Flip your AeroPress on top of your server and press steadily for 30s over ice. Stop your press when the AeroPress hisses.
2:50 Give your iced coffee a good swirl in your server to exchange those final molecules of heat for some cooler ones and then serve in a chilled glass.

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