James Hoffmann Aeropress recipe

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A recipe by James Hoffmann, winner of World barista Championship, YouTuber, coffee consultant, and author. For medium roast coffee, using 90-95°C water will give you better results. For dark roast coffee, try 85-90°C water for the brew. Grind your coffee at the finer end of medium, assuming this is light roasted coffee. The darker you go the more you may prefer to increase the dose and coarsen the grind. Watch the tutorial here.

Coffee amount (g): 11.0
Water amount (ml): 200.0
Water Temperature: 95.0°C / 203.0°F
Grind size: Fine/Medium
Brew Time: 00:03:25

0:00 Pour 200.0g of water aiming to wet all the coffee during pouring.
0:10 Place the plunger on top of the brewer, about 1cm in.
0:15 Wait 2 minutes.
2:15 Holding the brewer and the plunger, gently swirl the brewer.
2:25 Wait 30 seconds.
2:55 Press gently all the way.

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