Mark Prince Aeropress recipe

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A recipe by Mark Prince, Canadian, USA, and World Barista Championship Judge and founder of CoffeeGeek. Here's the detailed and interesting tutorial. Note that this is an inverted method and Mike strongly advises to use metal filter instead of paper one.

Coffee amount (g): 21.0
Water amount (ml): 225.0
Water Temperature: 97.0°C / 206.6°F
Grind size: Medium
Brew Time: 00:01:30

0:00 Pour 101.3g of boiled water into the inverted plunger.
0:10 Allow a slight bloom to form.
0:15 Give a few stirs to the slurry.
0:25 Continue pouring hot water until you reach 225.0g. of water.
0:40 Do two more stirs of the slurry, being careful not to overflow the top.
0:50 Add another 40-50g of water if possible, filling the brew chamber to as close to the rim as you can.
0:55 Attach the filter and filter holder to the AeroPress.
1:05 Place mug or server on top of the inverted AeroPress.
1:10 Flip the AeroPress and server.
1:20 Plunge down on the AeroPress, to extract the brewed coffee.

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