Chemex recipe by Epicurious

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Chemex recipe by Epicurious.

Coffee amount (g): 42.0
Water amount (ml): 700.0
Water Temperature: 95.0°C / 203.0°F
Grind size: Medium (like kosher salt)
Brew Time: 00:05:00

0:00 Pre-wet with about 84.0g of water. Pour just enough water over the grounds to cover and saturate them.
0:15 Let the coffee bloom.
0:45 Add 147.0g. water, pouring in a slow, circular motion.
1:00 Wait.
1:40 Now add more water, until the scale reads 448.0g.
2:00 Wait 2 minutes.
4:00 Add water until you reach700.0g. and wait for the complete drawdown.

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