James Hoffmann Iced Clever Dripper recipe

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This recipe uses an improved immersion iced coffee technique by James Hoffman. Check the the tutorial here. Optional: you can add a few drops of saline (a solution of 20% salt and 80% water) in the end to reduce the bitterness. Note: you need to grind finer than you normally do for pour over, but not espresso-fine.

Coffee amount (g): 37.5
Water amount (ml): 500.0
Water Temperature: 95.0°C / 203.0°F
Grind size: Medium-fine
Brew Time: 00:06:35

0:00 Add 330.0g. of water to the Clever Dripper
0:10 Put the coffee in the water and stir it with a spoon, making sure that all the coffee is wet.
0:20 Let the coffee steep. When the steep time is almost over, place 170.0g of ice into the server.
5:20 Place the Clever Dripper on a server and wait for the complete drawdown.
6:20 Swirl the server or stir with a spoon to dilute the remaining ice. Optional: add a few drops of saline to reduce bitterness.

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