Scott Rao classic V60 recipe

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Scott Rao's V60 recipe focuses on even extraction and a consistent brew. Scott Rao recommends using a plastic V60 to retain the heat of the brew and allows to manipulate the funnel during the brew without burning yourself.

Coffee amount (g): 22
Water amount (ml): 360
Water Temperature: 95°C / 203.0°F
Grind size: Medium fine
Brew Time: 00:03:00

0:00 Pre-wet with 66.0g of water.
0:15 Gently excavate to wet all the grounds
0:45 At 45s, start main pour until 360.0g.
1:35 Gently stir to stop grounds from clinging to sides
2:00 Swirl V60 to flatten coffee bed for even brew
2:10 Drawdown should be complete within 3 minutes.

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